Viewing the image by using MIRIAD

The MIRIAD image would be generated if MIRIAD is installed while compiling SPARX. Once the image is produced, the channel map could be checked out by using the command.

$ cgdisp in=MAPFILE device=/xs options=wedge,3val csize=1,1 range=,,lin,3

Use the command for image convolution.

$ convol map=MAPFILE beam=BEAMSIZE out=OUTFILE

View the spectra by the command.

$ imspec in=OUTFILE device=/xs region='rel,box(0,0,0,0)' csize=1,1

tau (optical depth) map

The “tau=TAU_FILENAME” flag can generate the optical depth image and can be used in the radiation-related tasks which include task_lineobs, task_contobs, and task_zeeman.

Post-processing: Viewing the image and tau map