The code is open source, visit our github page.


For single-machine usage, we have ported SPARX on both Fedora and Ubuntu system
Download from the repository by using git.

git clone

To enter the directory, the default branch is the latest stable version 3.

cd sparx-alpha

If you are using Fedora 22/24, execute the installing script


If you are using Ubuntu 14.04/16.04, execute the installing script



After the installation finishes, test to create a Shu(1977)’s 1D model

./ SHU1D

test the non-LTE solver (AMC)

./ AMC

test to make the line image



SPARX can reproduce the benchmark in van Zadelhoff et. al. 2002, of which the setups of problem-2a and problem-2b were built in SPARX. Just use the command to run it

# Problem 2a
./ P2A
# Problem 2b
./ P2B

The figure shows The setting of the physical profile

The comparison, to Ratran, by the solution of the level populations of HCO+.